You the architect spend a great deal of time drafting up plans for a house or a commercial building.  We know you put your heart into many projects and truly care what the final product is.  For those reasons we suggest your design specifications insist on Doubletree’s Double Tight Decking for all of your projects that require Double T&G Decking.  Our unique manufacturing process allows us to provide you with a product that will ensure your design will be built the way you envision it.

Why Double Tight?

The American Wood Council stipulates the maximum moisture content shall be 19% for 3 and 4 inch decking.   Double Tight Decking is dried to a maximum moisture content of 15%, but that’s only part of the reason to insist on Double Tight Decking.   Innovation is the result of feedback from Architects, and builders.  Seeing the need to improve on the industry standard, we have succeeded in producing a product that compensates for gaps produced during nailing. Our proprietary pattern vastly improves the ease of installation.   This in itself helps to insure an initial tight fit.