Cedar Products

Located on the West Coast of British Columbia, Doubletree Forest Products is situated in the heart of Western Red Cedar country. With this geographical advantage our experienced staff has been able to build a network of contacts for more than 30 years. These contacts enable us to cost effectively distribute a wealth of Western Red Cedar products.

Cedar is one of nature's most durable, decay resistant softwoods. Cedar equates to a quality that will last beyond this generation. If you have chosen Cedar, you have made the right choice. We warehouse an ever increasing variety of Western Red Cedar products, such as our new "Heritage" line , and are thus able to participate in volume purchasing.

Cedar Timbers Rough GRN
Species: Western Red Cedar
Grades: Appearance - STD&BTR - Utility
Sizes: 3x6-3x12 - 4x6-4x12 - 6x6-6x12 - 8x8 - 10x10 - 12x12
Description: Availability will vary in all sizes and lengths, call for our current offerings.