Decking Products

Doubletree Forest Products Decking is your solid choice for a permanent roof deck with good insulating properties and a ready-to-finish interior ceiling. Roof decking is especially suited for use with post and beam construction. Quality is important to us and it’s not something that just happens. We took a hard look at existing products and set out to improve on them. We offer a unique pattern that makes for an easier installation, resulting in an improved final finish.

It’s not just our unique pattern that says quality. There is an old adage that reads “Waste not, want not.” The less we waste, the less we want in the future. As good stewards of our forest, we always keep this old adage in the forefront of our remanufacturing process. It starts with careful selection of the best fibre. We purchase high quality fibre to produce a high quality product. High quality fibre simply means less waste, and a high quality finished product.

3x6 Double Tongue & Groove Roof Decking
Species: FIR, SPF, WRC
Grades: Select, Commercial
Sizes: 3x6
Description: Doubletree Double Tight Pattern. To estimate your Foot Board Measure (FBM) Multipy your square feet by 3.43 For a proper installation we recommend that splines are installed.