Dimension Lumber

For over 30 years, Doubletree Forest Products has been supplying, SPF, Douglas Fir, Fir-Larch, Hem-Fir, Yellow Cedar, and Western Red Cedar to our valued clients.

We are able to supply all of your Std & Btr, 2 & Btr dimension needs. If you're looking for lower grades, such as utility, # 3 or economy, we can source this.

Doubletree is a member of the Western Wood Truss Association and our sales personnel are very familiar with your industries requirements so call us for your truss webs, select structural, or MSR needs.

We stock some of the best Pine boards manufactured.

1" Common Boards S4S KD
Species: ESLP, Lodgepole, Pine, Spruce
Grades: Premier Plus (2 COM) - Classic (3 COM) - Craftsman (3 COM)
Sizes: 1x4 - 1x6 - 1x8 - 1x10 - 1x12
Description: Full Lifts - 1/3 Lifts - Paperwrapped